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In the last couple of months Twitter has become a sort of internet sensation among netizens. Everyone tweets, be it Celebrities, Developers or Websites, bumping up the number of followers seems to be the latest trend. Keeping up with the trends there has been an explosion of sorts in the Twitter clients. Every developer want to write a twitter client! Today’s article will look into  some of my favorite Twitter Clients for Mac.


While it is nothing wrong to tweet directly from a browser, nothing matches to the comfort of having a seperate app manage all our Tweets. Thanks to the recent explosion of apps for Twitter, we now have a lot of options to choose from.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the ability to tweet the updates of your blog to all your followers without having to open a seperate client while you were still browsing a webpage on Safari ? Safari140 does just that! Safari140 doesn’t qualify as Twitter client but its more like a plug in of sorts for Safari. Just install Safari140, restart Safari and you are ready to tweet.

All you need to do is press Ctrl + T and a pop up will open asking you to sign in to twitter. Sign in once and start sending updates just by pressing Ctrl + T right from Safari. I find it very useful and hence the mention.

Download Safari140 here.


Bluebird is a very cool looking Twitter client in its beta stage. It has a clean interface and supports multiple accounts. Its got the ability to theme the client and a lot of great looking themes are already available for download. One great feature of Bluebird is threaded Direct Messaging. Bluebird supports Growl notifications and its got sound alerts too with the ability to set different sound alerts. Sadly though it doesn’t integrate an image hosting and url shrinking service.

Download Bluebird here.


Nambu is one of my favorite twitter clients and is in beta stage. Nambu is the big daddy of features and UI design. Its got several sections, my favorite is the People section on the left sidebar. Clicking on People will bring up a grid view (like in iTunes) of all your friends and their followers. Double click any thumbnail and you get a lot of information about your friends. Another neat feature is Groups, which allow you to group your friends in seperate channels making it easy for you to follow their updates.

Nambu Network integrates URL shrinking and image hosting services with Tr.im and Pic.im. There is a seperate section for this in the sidebar which lets you keep a track on all the links and images you’ve uploaded. Nambu has loads of features and one must try it out to know what it is capable of.

Download Nambu here.


Tweetie for Mac arrived after Tweetie for iPhone was hugely successful and just like its iPhone counterpart, Tweetie for Mac is simply put ‘Amazing’. Tweetie has by far the best and the coolest interface. Unlike Nambu which is loaded with features, Tweetie concentrates on usability with simple yet stylish interface. New tweet windows has been detached, i.e to post a new tweet, you have to press Cmd + N and a small new tweet windows pops up. Type in your line and hit post, you can also choose to use a different account to post the tweet by using a button on new tweet window.

Tweetie integrates with several image hosting and url shrinking services, the coolest feature is you can simply drag an image in the new tweet window and its uploaded to an image hosting service, hit the post button and its posted as your tweet!!

Download Tweetie here.

Some other Twitter clients that have not been mentioned here are EventBox, Lounge, Twitterrific, Canary etc. These clients deserve special mention as several Mac users prefer to use these clients as opposed to my favorite list of clients. Like I said there are several clients and your taste may differ from mine, so try out for yourselves

This article was an introduction to my favorite Twitter clients on Mac, next time I may cover some more as my favorite list grows.In the mean time tell us about your favorite Twitter client.

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