Google is no longer supporting Gizmo5


One of my favorite desktop calling app Gizmo5 is no longer served. Does this mean we cannot use Gizmo5 anymore.

What is Google doing with Gizmo5?

Below is the email I recieved from Gizmo5:

Hello, Gizmo5 is writing to let you know that we will no longer be providing service starting on April 3, 2011. A week from today, March 11, 2011, you will… Continue reading


Twitter Clients for Mac

In the last couple of months Twitter has become a sort of internet sensation among netizens. Everyone tweets, be it Celebrities, Developers or Websites, bumping up the number of followers seems to be the latest trend. Keeping up with the trends there has been an explosion of sorts in the Twitter clients. Every developer want to write a twitter client! Today’s article will look into some of my favorite Twitter Clients… Continue reading


How to search for a column name in the Oracle Database

When you are working with Database systems, very often you will be stuck in a situation where you vaugely remember the column name but doesn’t know which TABLE the COLUMN belongs to. I’ve been in this situation more than a dozen times myself. I blame my bad memory for this.

Well, here is a small SQL query that does the trick for you… Continue reading


Clean up your desktop clutter with “Fences”

There are many applications intended to cleanup your desktop and organize. But “Fences” is more superior to many of the applications out there. It is free for personal use and help you organize the desktop in a better way.

“Fences” allows you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop to hold your desktop icons. You can label the areas, move/resize anywhere on your desktop. There are some neat pre-included layouts.. Continue reading


How to uncompress files online?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a compressed file but don’t have an application on the PC to uncompress the file. Well, now you have an option to uncompress the files online.


It has support for many file types like 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZHCHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS. Continue reading


How to enable auto-completion in windows command prompt

You know what some linux users miss in the Windows command prompt. It’s auto-completion of file names. In Linux, if you want the file name to be auto-complete, press “TAB” key.
The same thing can be achieved in Windows command prompt with an additional feature. If you keep hitting the “TAB” key, it will give you let you browse through all the directory and file names in the directory that you… Continue reading


How to log key strokes on your windows machine?

The best key logger application on a windows machine would be keystroke spy. This is a small windows application which will not be viewable in the windows task manager.

You can download this software from the link below.


If you are on a corporate PC, you will not be able to install the Keystroke spy as the anti-virus will be able to stop the installation.

Before installing the application, you should turn off… Continue reading


Cannot access Windows PC in the home network.

After you build your new Windows PC, you may have tried to access that new PC from another computer in your home network. Even though everything seems to be correct you might not even be able to ping the PC.

You can run the “ipconfig” command to verify if the machine got an IP address.


Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection… Continue reading


How to change default gateway in windows command line?

I’m sure you been in a situation, where you had to connect to both wireless and wired network on a windows PC. If the wired network is connected to your internal network which doesn’t have internet connectivity, then you are stuck. This is because Windows OS sets the default gateway to the wired network. Below is the command to change the default gateway to wireless networks.

To add default route with… Continue reading


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